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Friday, January 8, 2010

Music Marketing this Creative gets My Knickers Moist

I saw this on the FABulous blog Gorilla vs. Bear, and I'm pretty giddy. Not only did I immediately want to know who this is, but also whose mind was behind the idea.
  • What email address did they send it from? Because I know I'd google it asap.
  • I want to know what's next, because to me it's all about how long this goes on for and how they close it.
  • Is this a new person, the expected (GaGa), or a reinvention of a familiar face? (wouldn't we all die if this was T-Swizzle?)
  • Once it's unveiled, I wonder if they'll use this concept in their whole branding process - myspace, website, merch - or if it's just a music/tour video.
  • Most importantly, these random videos are proving they can gain buzz, but I want to know how they plan to capitalize on the buzz and turn tweets and blog posts into concert tickets and album sales.
UGH. The suspense is killing me...

According to Gorilla vs. Bear, they received the first of these "cryptic messages" about a month ago, followed by another one yesterday. They pointed out the polished production value, leading one to believe it's not some newby out of left field, but someone we should be excited about. GvB proposes maybe Goldfrapp, GaGa, MGMT, or even Christina Aguilera. I'm hopeful it's someone like Lykke Li or Asteroids Galaxy Tour over Madonna just "reinventing" herself again, but I guess time will tell.

Check out the incredibly intriguing videos below, and GvB's blog post HERE. Who do you think this is?

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