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It will be a long, on-going task of mine to redirect the links to somewhere you can hear the music, but in the meantime, if you click on a link that brings you to Napster where it asks you to sign in:
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2) Google the song and still check it out, because it's awesome

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Recommended Song of the Day

12/18/08: Right Now, by Mocean Worker

I listen to music constantly: at work, at home, on transit to anywhere, at the dentist, in the tanning bed, on planes and even trains. I almost died walking to work this morning while listening to this song.

I'm a sucker for any song with a good beat I can walk to. I even have a playlist on my iPod dedicated to them. This usually works well, but every so often I catch myself walking in giant, elongated strides or nearly running down the sidewalk because my mind wanders off to the never ending list of things I need to do while my body just keeps walking to the beat. I'm sure this must be humorous for others to see. Either way, this song is a fraction of a beat behind my natural early-morning-Chicago-weather-on-my-way-to-work pace and it forced me to slow down just a bit.

It's like a whole new world at a pace outside your own. A fantastic place I never knew. I was marveling about this specific power of music when I completely disregarded the big red don't-walk-now hand and unknowingly bounded into oncoming traffic. After realizing I'm standing IN THE MIDDLE OF Halsted and Belmont with headphones on and therefore completely oblivious to all horn-ablazing traffic whizzing by I ran back to the safety of the sidewalk and pulled a Britney (I mean, I'm a smart person - what the hell was I thinking?).

I blame the music. I also blame
being hungover, having ADD, the freezing temperatures, the person who made those red don't-walk-now signs too small, and the person who so successfully engineered my noise-canceling Bose headphones. Anyway, glad to be alive and posting this song for you all. Good luck with today. Don't die.

Tracy :)


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