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It will be a long, on-going task of mine to redirect the links to somewhere you can hear the music, but in the meantime, if you click on a link that brings you to Napster where it asks you to sign in:
1) Be angry at them, for disrupting your chance to enjoy a good song
2) Google the song and still check it out, because it's awesome

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recommended Song of the Day

Williamsport, PA

6/17/09: They Will Appear, by Akron/Family

Listen to it HERE

The song's quite slow for the first few minutes; it does a really good job of bringing down your pulse. If I did yoga, I imagine the first 3:40 of this song would be great. I love the varying dynamics, and when the downbeats and vocals are thrashing around at ~5min, I fell in love. If you like this song, here's another fun one: Everyone is Guilty.

Oh, and they're playing
Bottom Lounge in Chicago on Friday, July 24.


Tracy :)

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Kreuser Family said...

I loooove relaxing music!
Do you know any acoustic guitarists that have an amazing voice? I've been in the acoustic mood lately, but have no clue where to even begin looking for good sounding acoustic guitarists! PLEASE HELP ME :-D

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