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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Pitchfork Thoughts

Well, I had a FABulous time at P4K 2009. :) Like the rest of my postings, I'm going to keep this review brief!

  • Yeasayer - They were on my list of "must sees" and I had pretty high expectations for them, and yet they still blew me away. (Dancing in the rain to Yeasayer = favorite Pitchfork moment of 09) Way to be really awesome Yeasayer and turn an existing fan into a exciting fan. :)
  • Final Fantasy- I love a good one-man band, and what Owen Pallett did to that violin was inspiring.

  • The Walkmen - Not only are they "above" playing the song that made them famous, but their set was blah overall. So sad.

  • Seeing that Whole Foods had gigantic bags of cherries available for sale as a healthy snack. Those were delicious and refreshing.
  • Perusing the poster artists - found a few promising designers.
  • Randomly running into folks from Moxie Motive, Loyal Divide, Verona Red and Bully in the Hallway.
  • Making the most awesome picture buttons ever. :)
  • Pretty much every moment, as music festivals are my heaven-on-earth.

  • Realizing that the crazy, colliding fans I burried myself in for Matt & Kim actually squished all the ripe and juicy cherries in my purse, getting cherry juice on my purse, my pants, my sweater, my hand, my boyfriend, my phone, etc.
  • Losing one of the most awesome picture buttons ever. :(
  • Watching some drunk loser cut off some handicap guy waiting to use the handicap porta-potty. All the folks in my porta-potty line gave him the stink eye when he got out. Loser.

Check out some more images from my 2009 P4K experience

See clips of P4K performances from Yeasayer, Final Fantasy, Flaming Lips, Black Lips, Matt and Kim, and Bowerbirds HERE.

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