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Friday, January 9, 2009

Recommended Song of the Day and oh-so-much-more.

1/9/09: Mugiboogie, by Mugison

Ok people. My song of the day is by Mugison, and his album Mugiboogie is fucking phenomenal. Would I lie to you?

He is such an amazingly talented individual that if I ever execute my backup life plan, which is to travel the world reproducing with insanely smart and talented people to create a mini-herd of smarter and more talented versions of myself (muwahahahaha) – IF I ever execute my plan, Mugison would be my baby daddy. He is a versatile, boundary-less, unpredictable, master of sound. I was, at SEVERAL points throughout the album, shocked. The change of direction from song to song is equivalent to listening to a whole different artist; I actually found myself double checking that it was indeed Mugison still playing.

Please, for the love of good music, listen to this man and appreciate what he’s brought into this world. This blog’s purpose is to spread good music. This is me, spreading.

Oh, and he's from Iceland! wtf?


Tracy :)

PS I was going to include my favorite songs off the album, but I refuse as I sincerely endorse listening to the whole album through.

PPS If you knew about Mugison and didn’t share him with me, please just unfacebook friend me. Jerk. If you know about him and don’t appreciate the wonderfulness that is Mugiboogie, why do you even read this blog? Seriously, the market researcher in me wants to know, why do you read this blog?

BECAUSE I am not a writer, I feel I haven’t done this album justice. I’m including reviews from others for your reference.

"Mugison has often been stamped as the Icelandic Beck,
but on his fourth album, he edges onto John Lennon's turf."
|Spin Magazine|Stacy Anderson|

"If you dumped blues, power pop, psych rock and heavy metal
into a transmogrifying machine, the machine would rumble mysteriously,
then spit out a brightly colored block of a hitherto unimagined polymer
known as Mugison."
|Paste Magazine|Brian Howe|

"..... is undeniably original, sometimes hard to listen to,
but always interesting. Mugison's interpretation of rock 'n' roll
lands somewhere between Ryan Adams and the Pixies,
with extended instrumental interludes that highlight his singularity as an artist."
|Prefix Magazine|Mike Burr|

"This, his third album, is steeped in a rich brew of drink, love, women and religion.
Opener 'Mugiboogie' sounds like a statement of intent,
slinging together beefy Hammond organ chords with stomping beats
that are part glam rock and part Battles."
|Art Rocker|Gareth Mytton|

"an iniorating, electric listen...
landing a devastating punch with this unclassifiable new record.
Worth so much more than a fleeting investigation."
|Clash Music|

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