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It will be a long, on-going task of mine to redirect the links to somewhere you can hear the music, but in the meantime, if you click on a link that brings you to Napster where it asks you to sign in:
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Greenland Is Melting, a New Love of Mine

Gainesville, FL

I am a twitter lover. I've made so many fabulous connections and received SO much music and recommendations through the twitter for this blog = LOVE. Well, today I requested on twitter that if you were in/knew of a band that offers their album for FREE, to please send it my way so I could add it to the section of my blog that lists FREE albums (see the left sidebar). Pretty quickly, I heard from Greenland is Melting. Of course, I wanted to listen to it before I posted it, and I immediately loved it.

If you're a fan of Ha Ha Tonka or The Avett Brothers
, you will be a fan of Greenland is Melting's album "Our Hearts are Gold, Our Grass is Blue" too. Beautiful harmonies, lovely bluegrass instrumentation, and lyrics like "no, we don't have the songs for the radio, but we have songs for the basement that our friends know" fill the album. Click HERE to listen to and/or download their album. It's FREE, or for a donation. You wont regret it.

Enjoy! :)

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