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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Finally Discovered Shearwater - Better Late Than Never

Austin, TX

I follow the Chicago blog Cream TEAM on twitter, and they just tweeted their encouragement for everyone to get familiar with Shearwater before their next album, "The Golden Archipelago," is released on 2/23. MY GOD am I glad I did!

If you like Akron/Family, Liam Finn and/or Arcade Fire, you'll love Shearwater. I first headed to their website, where they offer a track or two sample from previous albums. I highly recommend you head HERE and listen for yourself! I LOVE them, most especially "Rooks" and "Red Sea, Black Sea."

If you'd like to act now on your newly acquired or recently revived love for Shearwater, you can pre-order their upcoming album directly from Matador, where you'll not only receive 15% off, but you'll also get a CD-sized perfect bound book.

You can hear more of their music HERE. Enjoy!

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