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It will be a long, on-going task of mine to redirect the links to somewhere you can hear the music, but in the meantime, if you click on a link that brings you to Napster where it asks you to sign in:
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2) Google the song and still check it out, because it's awesome

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

New LCD Soundsystem Album Streaming

LCD Soundsystem has a new, and likely final, album called This is my Happening being released on May 17 (EU) and May 18 (US). Apparently, LCD threw a secret show in NY a few days ago where he gave out this new album and asked the crowd not to leak it before the official release. I think there were a few hours before it was found online, so LCD Soundsystem decided to pull an MGMT and stream it themselves (only MGMT's player allows you to select the song you want to hear, where LCD's player starts on song one and plays through, with only play and pause controls available).

As soon as I saw it available yesterday on twitter I did two things: I retweeted it, and I listened. I actually listened for several consecutive hours, and determined myself to be a fan of the new album. It seemed to me that the more I listened to it, the more I liked it. I definitely feel like the whole album as a single piece of artwork has an identifiable sound. Listen for yourself HERE, and then check out all of LCD Soundsystem's upcoming shows, including at Chicago's Metro and Pitchfork.

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