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It will be a long, on-going task of mine to redirect the links to somewhere you can hear the music, but in the meantime, if you click on a link that brings you to Napster where it asks you to sign in:
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

NY's The Beat Hounds Make Good Rock 'n' Roll

I grew up engulfed in classic rock, and I think The Beat Hounds wrote some really great music that could easily slip into a classic rock station's playlist and no one would complain. The music was written by front-man Matt Lenny during a four-month recovery from a car crash suffered while on tour with Chicago's Oh My God. Props to you, Matt, for making some delicious rock and roll out of a shitty situation.

The Beat Hounds are playing Chicago on May 1 at Quenchers, and I highly suggest you visit their MySpace HERE and check them out.

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